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The Wellness Column


Dear Reader,

     Many of you have become accustomed to reading this column from Dr. Chris Anderson over the past several years.  In the last column, you read that Dr. Anderson is beginning a transition that will take him to a warm sunny beach where he can pursue his passion of surfing and continue helping others as he has here over the past ten years.

     My name is Dr. Martin Sanford and it is with eagerness and excitement that I will be taking over this practice.  I have been practicing in Reno for the past seven years and I am looking forward to integrating into this great community. I was born and raised in Iowa and for several years (since leaving my homeland) I have wanted to find my way back to a smaller, friendlier community.

     I will continue to write this wellness column to bring you ideas, tips, and education in hopes that it will allow you to live a more enjoyable, satisfying life.

Martin Sanford, DC