The Wellness Column
by Martin Sanford, DC

Shin Splints

     SHIN SPLINTS can be extremely painful, so much so that you may have to use crutches if you want to go for a walk around town. Mostly it's just a real nuisance.
     The pain is experienced in the inner (medial) shin by serious and casual athletes alike but also dancers, and even those who simply love to enjoy a bit of regular aerobic sport. It can be so severe that the sufferer can barely walk due to the pain.
     Mostly it’s a ‘self-limiting’ condition. Exercise hurts, so you stop exercising and the pain goes away. But that’s not an option for the serious athlete and those hooked on aerobics. Thus the condition may becomes chronic and debilitating.
     Pain is ironically your friend. It's not good sense to take pain killers and anti-inflammatories and go out an train. Listen to your friend Mr Pain. He's trying to tell you something.
     Shin splints often comes on after training on a hard underfoot. Concrete, for example. Start your training on a level grass field.
How are your shoes? Worn out? Giving enough support for your peculiar feet?!! A good set of orthotics helps with shin splints, in conjunction with treatment. On their own they might help.
Start a daily set of stretches.


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